From support of early childhood programs to support of Northern Kentucky’s universities, Citigroup has become a major contributor to education funding since joining the region’s business community in 1989.

Citi’s footprint in Northern Kentucky began as a relatively small one when it opened a card collections operation in Erlanger in 1989, growing to 300 workers by 1991.


In 1997, Citi outgrew its facilities and moved its 1,000 employees to a new campus on Houston Road in Florence, where the company had room to further expand.

Citi has kept on growing, adding a customer service and sales business in 1999 and, in 2001, expanding its campus with a 330,000-square-foot building.

With the addition of Citibank Client Services there, employment has swelled to more than 2,400.

The financial service company has shared its wealth through monetary donations and volunteerism, now donating $900,000 annually to Greater Cincinnati causes, with 35 community partners.

Volunteers have donated more than 18,000 hours in the last several years, according to Crystal Gibson, vice president of communication and public affairs for Citi.

“The long-standing commitment to utilize our resources, our expertise, and our employees to help communities is an important part of our culture and identity,” she says.
“That is why education is, and will continue to be, a major focus of our philanthropic efforts, business programs and employee volunteer efforts in the years ahead.”

Citi has regular internal campaigns for United Way and March of Dimes and the company, and its employees have donated $2.5 million to the community.

Joe Martin, site president in Florence, says, “Our commitment not only includes monetary donations to lifelong learning educational opportunities, but also spans further to developing and supporting programs that work to improve the quality of education for all ages and specific job and life skills training.”

To that end, Citi supports Success by 6, Born Learning, Children Inc., Northern Kentucky Education Council and Covington Partners in Prevention, among others groups that benefit children.

The company also supports hands-on learning programs at Northern Kentucky University, Thomas More College and Gateway Community and Technical College.

A major donation to Thomas More recently helped the school exceed its fund-raising goal of $1.5 million for its environmental sciences program.

It’s not a one-way street.

Giving helps employees and the company, too.

 “Finding a personal passion and perspective on what we value makes for a better-rounded individual and creates loyalty and pride in where you work,” Gibson says. n