Bev Holiday, community liaison coordinator with the city of Newport who also coordinates the Taste of Newport event, says this year’s seventh annual Taste of Newport will be 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, June 2, on Monmouth Street between Sixth and Ninth streets. Holiday gave us a taste of what we can experience at this year’s event when she sat down for an interview with the magazine.

What can visitors expect at the Taste of Newport?
We will have over 20 restaurants from the city of Newport participating at our annual event. We have two live music stages. We also will be featuring artists with handmade designs from the area. And then last year we also added vintage campers.

What are the vintage campers?
Somebody else is coordinating that part, but what she’s going to do is she actually does what’s called an over-the-road rally with vintage campers for a weekend campout at the A.J. Jolly Park. And then the campers will be set up in the 600 block of Monmouth for the Taste of Newport. Last year I think we had three or four vintage campers on the street. They have their doors open for viewing so that people can see their exteriors as well as their interiors. It’s just a cute addition to the street. It’s another artsy component.

How many people typically attend Taste of Newport?
I would say 1,500 to 2,000 people. It’s very well attended. We also feature our Newport craft beers. We have the Hofbrauhaus, we have Wooden Casket and we have Braxton. So it’s a Taste of Newport but it’s different types of taste. As somebody mentioned to me yesterday, “Oh, it’s like a cultural taste of Newport.” So I guess it is.

How do you choose the restaurants?
I look up all of the restaurants that are in the city—I have a list, but of course from time to time I have to add new restaurants that come in and we’ve lost a couple of restaurants this year—and I feel that it’s very important to go and hand deliver the invitation and extend that invitation to the restaurant. I need to make sure all of the restaurants are given that opportunity.

What’s the hardest part about your job of putting on the Taste of Newport?
It’s the logistics. It’s laying out the restaurants on the street physically. So it’s all the logistics of just the layout and the placement and the visibility of our restaurants and other participants.

What’s the most enjoyable part of your job of putting on the taste of Newport?
Just seeing the people come and appreciate the restaurants and eating and enjoying the music. It really is a fun day.

Could you describe the Taste of Newport in one word?
Awesome. How’s that?

Community liaison coordinator with the city of Newport

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