When Danielle Boerger, a mother of two young children, was also working as a kindergarten teacher, she learned firsthand the value of an organized home where everything was in its place and everyone knew where everything was.

“Being a mom and working, I realized how important being organized was to reducing stress,” she says. “It really made my life a lot easier.”

Four years ago, she decided to turn her quest for an organized life into a business and established Simplify in Style, a home organizing service based out of her (well-organized) home in Wyoming, Ohio.

“We help busy families organize and create systems to give them more functionality in their homes,” she says. “We do everything from organizing a pantry to organizing an entire house.”

The process starts with a free consultation to determine what the client’s goals are.

Then Danielle and a team of contract employees work with clients to begin purging and deciding what will go and what will stay.

“We walk through the homes and let the clients talk about what’s working and what’s not working,” she says. “We get a good idea of how they’re using the space and how they want to use the space.”

The work begins with taking everything out of the living spaces in question and categorizing the stuff and organizing similar items together.

“We keep like items together and put things in the room where they are used,” she says. “Does a hammer need to be in the kitchen, for example.”

The team prioritizes the things the homeowners use more often by storing them on shelves or in spaces that are more accessible. Then they work with the client to go through each category and determine what will be kept. From there, a new plan for the space is created.

The Simplify in Style team does the shopping for containers and other organizing tools and then labels everything in the newly organized space. Everything is labeled so everyone in the house knows where things belong. For young children, labels with pictures are used.

They then walk clients through the space and recommend how the newly created order can be maintained.

Tops among the trouble spaces homeowners need help with are kitchens, kids’ play areas and basement storage areas, Boerger says.

Basements can become dumping grounds for things that don’t fit anywhere else and children’s rooms can be an mélange of toys and games.

The Simplify team gets the children involved in the organizing so the kids are motivated to help keep it in shape.

The team will also assist with donating unwanted items. “We believe that if you don’t love it, someone else will,” Boerger says.

The minimum time involved is a day, Boerger says, and an entire house can be overhauled in four or five days.

“Most people start with a couple of priority spaces,” she says. “Then we often end up doing the entire house.”

The single-day rate is $850. The typical charge for a couple of spaces is $1,500; and a whole house can cost $4,000 and up.

Simplify in Style’s services are available in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Boerger says.

“We want to create space that’s easily maintainable and easily functional for the entire family,” she says.