The secret to a beautiful lawn is using organic fertilizers to build a good soil structure for the landscape’s long-term health while also incorporating synthetic fertilizers for immediate results, says Andrew Wesselman, one of the owners and partners of A & A Lawncare & Landscaping.
“We’re not an organic program, but we’re not a fully synthetic program,” says Wesselman. “We found a good balance with that because the organic fertilizer that we’re putting down is good fertilizer and a lot of times it’d be better than synthetic stuff.”

But it takes time—two to three years—to build that organic matter back into the soil, so one application of an organic fertilizer is not going to deliver the same immediate results that clients want as a synthetic fertilizer will provide, he says.

However, once the organic matter has had time to build a good soil structure, the organic matter actually starts producing its own fertilizer that the turf feeds on, says Wesselman. That’s why yards that have been on A & A Lawncare & Landscaping’s program for a longer period of time see better results, he says.

That balance of using an organic and synthetic fertilizing approach to creating a beautiful lawn is one of the advantages to using A & A Lawncare & Landscaping, says Wesselman, who along with owner and partner Anthony “Tony” Kelly, started the business in 2007.

“I think that balance has really set us yards apart and really makes us look better than our competitors,” Wesselman says.

Another feature that sets A & A Lawncare & Landscaping apart from its competitors is its quality customer service, he says. “I think we’ve done a good job of building a good team that cares about the customer, that understands the ins and outs of customer service and how to go above and beyond to make sure the customers’ needs are taken care of,” Wesselman says.

That includes getting an estimate for services in a timely manner, getting that estimate back to the customer quickly and then scheduling a time frame of when that work is going to be done, he says.

In addition, customers have the ability to access their account online to pay bills, making it easy and convenient to do business with A & A Lawncare & Landscaping, says Wesselman. “I think that’s one thing that makes us stand out,” he says.

A & A Lawncare & Landscaping, headquartered in Florence, is a full grounds maintenance company that services both residential and commercial clients. Services include weekly grass cutting, gutter cleaning, spring, fall and summer cleanups with mulch and shrub trimming, landscape design and installation, lawn fertilization and weed control, says Wesselman.

There are no contracts and all services are pay as you go, he says. “If you’re not happy with us we want to know about it. We want to make it right,” Wesselman says. “But most importantly we don’t want you to feel like you’re tied into anything.”