I find there to be so much satisfaction in catching up with old friends. I attended a friend’s wedding last fall and found myself sitting at a table with a friend I hadn’t seen since high school. We spent most of the night talking to each other about our lives, and ended up ignoring the rest of the table. It felt like picking up one of my favorite books and finding there was a new chapter to read.

Most people like catching up with old friends. Our hope is this issue’s cover story “Where Are They Now?” makes readers have that same feeling. When you often read about someone in the news, it can feel like you know them, or at least a part of them. We decided to catch up with four well-known and well-loved Northern Kentuckians to see where life has taken them. What happens after you win Miss America? Heather French Henry knows, and discusses how that win led her to her current path. What do you do after winning the Triple Crown? We check in with Steve Cauthen to find out. We’re adding another chapter to Heather, Steve and others’ public stories.

This issue also introduces you to two new people: Robert Hayden Tieman and Miranda Kaye Hamilton of the band Hayden Kaye. They discuss their band and relationship, giving you a look into their lives. Hopefully, they’ll be people you want to check in on every once in a while, too.

We even check in on the Brent Spence Bridge from Northern Kentucky’s point of view. While much has been written and said about the bridge, we talk with local leaders to find out what they see as the best option. An issue like this affects the whole region, but we wanted to hear NKY’s views from NKY itself.

Is there someone you wish we had caught up with? Please contact us at cminard@cincymagazine.com so we can look into featuring them next year.

Corinne Minard
Managing Editor


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