Do you ever crave a home-cooked meal but want to avoid the hassle of actually home cooking yourself? Presidents Inn in Burlington offers the perfect combination of some history and a freshly home-cooked meal in a warm and friendly environment for friends and family. 

Co-owners Michael and Nancy Carver both had been working in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years before they decided to open up their own restaurant. They both spent several years working on the faculty at Cincinnati State’s Midwest Culinary Institute, so they know their way around food. Wanting to put their skills to use, they searched for the perfect venue for their restaurant for nearly 10 years. Their opportunity came when they found an abandoned building built in 1849 in historic Burlington. In 2003 the building was renovated into the Central House Diner but then was abandoned for a few years before the Carvers came long. 

The Presidents Inn first opened its doors Dec. 4, 2015. The building already had a full kitchen and, with it being previously empty, they saw an opportunity. “We had originally not been looking in this area at all. We were looking for somewhere closer in the city,” says general manager Christina Erion. 

When it first opened, the Presidents Inn introduced a new modern style called tapas to the area. “Tapas is a style including small plates, not entrees, intended to get a few and share,” explains Erion. “But we expanded our menu shortly after we opened because of the area.”

Erion along with her parents—the owners—and the chef, who is her husband, sat down and made the menu together. Now, the menu features a variety of dishes. One of Erion’s personal favorites is the salmon dinner, but the menu also includes many local products such as locally brewed beers, wines and spirits. In addition to beverages, the food ranges from choices of salads, burgers and sandwiches to pizza and a children’s menu. 

Along with the good food, the Presidents Inn also offers a fun and comfortable environment. The name actually comes from the building’s history; it was first built in the late 1840s as an inn and is located at the corner where Washington meets Jefferson. 

The restaurant is decorated with portraits of presidents as well to keep up the ambiance. “I’ve learned more of the history than I had already known by just being here,” says Erion. “Just last week I had a table who were all in their 90s and they recalled it being a different restaurant in the ‘30s and ‘40s.” 

5991 N. Jefferson St., Burlington. 859-689-1776,