Northern Kentucky is steeped in history, so it’s no surprise that there are many allegedly haunted places dotting both the city and rural landscapes. Here is a short list of opportunities to learn more our paranormal neighbors.

Helping you discover both the history and haunts of two local cities are American Legacy Tours. They offer up Covington is Haunted and Newport is Haunted tours in September and October. Join them as they lead you by lantern light through the streets to discover what is lurking behind locked doors. To purchase tickets in advance and check tour dates, visit Stops include: the 1883 Campbell County Court House (where the notorious murderers of Pearl Bryant were hanged) and the Thompson House (once home to John Thompson—inventor of the Thompson Submachine Gun aka the “Tommy Gun”). Tours last up to two hours. Wear comfortable shoes and leave your fears at home.

Things going “bump in the night” at your house? You might want to contact the nonprofit organization, Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky (PINK). With nine years of experience, these local ghost hunters can discover if you have a spirit on your hands, or just a spirited furnace moaning out for repairs. The team has led investigations at Covington’s Carnegie Theatre and the Baker Hunt Center (starting point of the Covington is Haunted tour) as well as private homes throughout Northern Kentucky. Averaging 24 investigations a year, they incorporate technology including infrared cameras, digital audio recorders and environmental measurement devices to document and capture the paranormal activity. The resulting findings are shared with the homeowner and resolutions are discussed.

When asked if there were any “haunted hot spots” in Northern Kentucky, founder Mike Palmer responded, “If you look at where our cases come from and their proximity to each other, there are two areas that have a higher concentration of activity. Burlington is active with five cases within a quarter mile of each other. There is a section in Erlanger that has had six cases within a 10-block radius. Then there is the town of Petersburg. If you believe everything you hear, the whole town is haunted.”

Want to become an amateur ghost hunter yourself? Visit Wanda Kay’s Ghost Shop in Newport for the latest in ghost hunting equipment, gifts, souvenirs and books. Wanda Kay has been interested in the paranormal since childhood and recently wrapped up a decade-long career at Bobby Mackey’s. She is the author of two books on the subject, including Wicked They Walk: A Tour Guide’s Book, which is the essential scholarship to the history and haunting of Bobby Mackey’s.

She also offers tours of the Thompson House in Newport and the Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati. Visitors will be struck by the depth of her knowledge of both the history and the legends that surround these buildings. The Ghost Shop is also home to psychics, events and seminars year round. Visit the back room and take a look at her autograph wall, signed by ghost hunters from throughout the United States and beyond.

Is Northern Kentucky really haunted? Take a tour or have a look around this Halloween season and find out for yourself. If you dare!